The Melkman Delivered

The 2009 season has brought us many firsts and today we received an exciting first walk off homerun from the Melk man in the bottom of the 14th inning. The first walk off in the new stadium. The Yankees took the series when they finally scored and defeated the Oakland Athletics, 9-7.

The game lasted 4 hours and 57 minutes and took a toll on my wrists from keeping score.The weather in the first half of the game looked alot like the pitching…ugly!

sabathia.jpgC.C. Sabathia
took the mound for his third start of the season and it wasn’t impressive. Coming into the series the Oakland offense was horrible and one would think seven runs would provide a cushion for any pitcher. Sabathia labored throughout the game and threw a total of 112 pitches. The southpaw allowed six earned runs and six hits in 6 2/3 innings. The four walks he allowed all scored a run. The hook came when Matt Holiday hit a single in the seventh that sent Sabathia to the dugout and erased a two run lead.

In defense of Sabathia, Joe Giradi should have taken him out the minute he walked Sweeney and definitely when right-handed batter Holiday came to the plate. I don’t know maybe Giradi is getting a feel for his players but allowing Sabathia to pitch to Holiday needs to be questioned. The seventh inning would have been epic had the Yankees not pulled this one off. The guy was laboring and had given up a run every time he walked a batter.

The Yankees offense had answered back every time Oakland scored with exception of the seventh inning. The bases were loaded after Oakland pitcher, Russ Springer, allowed a single to Robinson Cano, a walk to Nick Swisher, and another single to Hideki Matsui. No outs. Next batter was Melky Cabrera and he was too aggressive against a pitcher with no sense of the strike zone. Result…Strikeout! Brett Gardner came up to pinch hit for Cody Ranson and had the same game plan, be aggressive. Result… pop up to third. Derek Jeter made the last out also unable to leave the infield but we give him a pass since he hit a homer and a double before this at bat. Both hits gave New York the go ahead runs in those innings.

The game would be scoreless for another nine innings. Thanks in part to the Yankee bullpen with 6 pitchers combining for 7 1/3 innings of hitless baseball. Jose Veras took the cake with 3 1/3 scoreless innings.

Melky Cabrera came to the plate in the bottom of the 14th with Nick Swisher on first and his former teammate, Dan Giese, on the mound. It didn’t take long before Melky jumped on a pitch and launched it over and out for a walk off win. Yankees Win!!!

melkman.jpgThat was Cabrera’s second dinger of the game and fourth of the season. Fans are alredy asking for him to be the everyday centerfielder. Let’s not get too excited people. Yes, Melky is swinging a hot bat but the everyday competition for the job with Gardner is the reason. The guy needs to be kept on his toes to be productive and his patience at the plate is his weakness that will show if he plays every day.

melk.jpgFor the record, every one of these Yankee homers was hit hard, wind tunnel not a factor. Still there were 26 round trippers during the home stand and the home homer watch will continue to be the focus when the Yankees come back on the 30th to host Anaheim.

Tomorrow night the most intense rivalry in sports begins when Boston plays host to the Bronx Bombers at Fenway Park. The players would love to think that it’s just another game but there is no getting past the atmosphere that gets created when these two franchises get together for a weekend. The anticipation is already building up and from what I’ve heard the weather will be perfect. 

A No Wind Win

Thumbnail image for andy1.jpgThe Yankees beat Jason Giambi and the Oakland Athletics in their new stadium,5-3. Yet the news today will be about the one homer hit at the “Coor’s field of the East.”

The game began with a great web gem from the glove of Brett Gardner that robbed Jason Giambi of extra bases in the first inning. Gardner could have packed up his stuff and went home happy after that grab but decided to contribute offensively in the second inning. With Swisher on third and Matsui on second, Gardner hit a single with the infield in that brought his teammates home. The hit gave the Yankees a 2-0 lead.

Mark Teixeira and Johnny Damon also hit singles that knocked in a run to give New York
 a 4-0 lead after 2 innings.

Andy Pettitte(2-0) pitched deep into the seventh inning for the third time in 3 starts and allowed the bullpen another night to relax.

Pettitte would get into trouble in the fourth inning by allowing 3 straight singles before recording an out. Luckily, Oakland only came away with two runs that inning and blew their chances of knocking Pettitte out the game. Pettitte would recover from that tight spot and left the game after seven innings pitched without a walk and only two runs off nine hits.

In the sixth inning Johnny Damon tested the wind patterns in right field by launching the only homer of the game. The ball reached the upper deck so this one wasn’t a product of the wind tunnel.

oakkillers.jpgBrian Bruney
got the call tonight in the seventh with a streak of 20 straight batters retired. The Star of our bullpen retired two more before allowing Jack Cust to single. Mark Ellis hit a double to center that scored Cust and cut the lead 5-3.

Mariano Rivera would come in the ninth and secure the victory for New York. Rivera and Pettite haved teamed up for 57 wins and saves during their career. A great accomplishment that ties a record set by Bob Welch and Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersley for the highest total in history.

A Royal Weekend

This is how it ended


Kansas City wins 6-4.

The sweep was not complete but nothing to cry about this weekend. Well unless you’re Joba Chamberlain who should’ve got the win.

Joba Chamberlain pitched a good 6 innings under nasty wet conditions and allowed 4 hits and 1 earned run against. The Yankees scored 3 runs in the 7th inning to take the lead 4-3 and made Joba eligible for the win but coughed it back up in the 8th inning.

The official scorer in Kansas City has taken home field advantage to a another level…

doubleerror.jpg In the fourth inning Alberto Callaspo got a broken bat dribbler through both Nick Swisher and Robinson Cano. Swisher should have stood on first and allowed Cano to field the ball. Whatever. Let’s blame it on the weather. The play, an obvious error, was scored a hit and credited Callaspo an RBI. The play occurred with two outs and a 1-1 tie and allowed the Royals to take a 3-1 lead at the end of the inning. The play must have been changed because now the boxscores have Swisher with an error. The problem? It screws me up. The plays in question have been in favor of the home team every time and what happens is that it creates doubt in the person watching the game that wants to keep score. Swisher had committed an error but the official scorer wanted to credit his team with the hit and RBI. He must have been pressured to change the call and Micheal Kay’s criticism had to be the reason why. 

Here was the broken bat single


No! Wait it was an error so…not a broken bat single.

The problem was the bullpen which had been great but not this day. Brian Bruney took care of business in the 7th inning by going 1-2-3 outs. Damaso Marte forced the first two batters in the eight to fly out but when Royal’s manager sends in Butler to hit for Jacobs things begin to slip away. No more like walk away. Joe Giradi then counters the move by sending Jose Vera to relieve Marte with 2 outs and a 4-3 lead. The result? A walk. A two out walk. Phil Coke then relieved Vera and the rest I don’t need to explain. At least I don’t feel like describing the mess. Just remember how cold and wet it was in New York-New Jersey this Easter Sunday and thank God you were inside. Hey those Royal fans actually stood around to watch that comeback. Gotta give them credit. 

The rest of the series

Nick Swisher has made an impact this season sooner than I thought he would.

crazyswish.jpg Good. So far… 2 homers,9 RBI’s, 7 runs, .471 batting average(leads team in all categories)

Friday’s score: Yankees 4 Royals 1

Andy Pettitte with a GREAT start to the season.

Saturday’s score: Yankees 6 Royals 1

C.C. Sabathia had a good bounce back start after losing the season opener.

Tamba Bay is the next stop before the home opener on Thurday against the Indians.

The Yankees now have 3 Wins and 3 Losses after the first week


Angels in Mourning

nick.jpg                                                Nick Adenhart (1986-2009)

An Angel rests in peace today after spending his life fulfilling his dream. Finally reaching his goal and pitching 6 scoreless innings with his father in the stands.  He was killed in a hit and run last night. As tragic and surreal as this was I attempt to make sense of a senseless death by celebrating the accomplishments of this young man.    

Still we can’t allow this tragedy to go without punishment. This was a hit and run committed by a man that had his license suspended for a prior DUI and should never have been on the road.


All over the league today stadiums will take a moment of silence to reflect the death of a young pitcher, friend, and son to many.

Nick Adenhart was 22 years-old and a pitcher for the Anaheim Angels. His family had flown from Maryland to see him start against the Oakland Athletics.

 After the game he went to celebrate with friends. On the way back from a club he was struck by a drunk driver with a suspended license and a motive to run. Andrew Thomas Gallo, 22, fled the scene and was later caught. As usual the drunk driver always seems to survive. At least that’s the way it’s perceived. No one deserves to die but his decision to sit behind the wheel when intoxicated and already warned once before was his own. Gallo deserves to be punished and made an example from.


Angels are known to make an impact in our lives and Nick Adenhart has done just that. His death has transcended beyond the baseball realm and into every living room in America. When a young life is cut short in such a senseless way humans tend to express compassion. This sort of death seems to make people question their existence in this world. How can a young man who had just pitched a great game suddenly disappear this way? Just leave us with so much promise in his future. Our first instinct is to find someone to blame and when we find that someone we are still confused. God bless his family who lost not a pitcher but a son. We as individuals must make the most of every second we breathe because we never know when our number will get called. Adenhart died having fulfilled his dream of being a Major Leaguer. Life always seems chaotic. Other times order can be made after questioning ourselves and others.  Today an Angel was called up and we who remain must celebrate his accomplishments in baseball and in life. Then take the time to examine our own.


The Long Wait ends with a Bang!

   Game #3

  Yankees 11 Orioles 2

                                  The Yankees Win!                                                                          


specialk.jpgFinally! We can take a sigh of relief and thank A.J. Burnett for taking us out of our misery. Yes, Burnett recorded a strikeout today. We didn’t have to wait long either. Just one batter later when Adam Jones came to the plate. It was a 2-2 count when A.J. threw a breaking ball down and in that Jones chased for a strike. The streak was over! That’s it… shows over. Congrats guys.

Kidding aside the guy was on top of his game this afternoon. All the stats and his reputation in these situations gave Burnett the edge. Some might say it gave him the pressure but not good old A.J. The guy was nasty.

The way Burnett approached Nick Markakis was not only impressive but gutsy. An indication of the kind of pitcher he is. Markakis has been killing the Yankees his whole career since 2006. Here are his stats over the first two games:

He went 5 for 7 with 3 singles, a double, a homerun, 4 runs, 5 RBI’s, and a walk. Which gave him a .714 batting average, .667 On Base%, and a 1.286 Slugging%.

Burnett put fear in the kid by running the first two balls at him. He sent a message about leaning over the plate. Message received and a few more pitches…Strikeout looking. The rest of the game for Markakis looked like this:  0 Hits… 3 AB…3K’s… BB.

The third inning saw Burnett facing the bases loaded with two outs and a full count. Aubrey Huff sitting on a fastball struck out swinging and the game turned in the Yankees favor from there on.

The Yankee offense was alive today against the right hander Alfredo Simon. He started out well but in the top of the fourth Mark Teixeira took him deep.  The homer probably a carryover from last night’s game.  The rest of the day’s highlights belonged to New York.

Joe Giradi changed the lineup today and it paid off well. Nick Swisher was in Right Field today and reminded us that Joe has many options. Swisher had a field day that started with a two- run homerun in the fourth inning. He ended up with 5 RBI’s with 3 hits in 5 plate appearances. He wasn’t alone. Robinson Cano has patiently been compiling a very good start to his 2009 season. He had 4 runs and 2 RBI’s off 3 hits. Cano was coming off a disappointing ’08 season. He’s now 6 for 11 which give him a .545 average and a surprising 3 walks. Last year he only had 23 unintentional walks.


Watch out Royals! The bats will be on display tomorrow when the Yanks travel to Kansas City for their second road series.



Game 2 of 162

New York Yankees 5 Baltimore Orioles 7       Two in a Row

I wonder what they were talking about? You think they’re worried about getting swept? That sure is a long walk for Wang. Will they ever get that elusive K? Two Games. Two Losses. No strikeouts recorded.  


Long Walk Wang.jpg

               IP    H  R  ER  BB  SO  HR   ERA

WANG   3.2    9   7    7    3      0    1     17.18

Tomorrow’s starter is A.J. Burnett and he led the A.L. in srikeouts with 231 K’s last year. I hope he gets at least one because that’s all that really matters…right???

Yes I’m being sarcastic. But I do hope A.J. stops the bleeding.

Hideki Matsui was 0 for 5 and Japan was watching to the tune of 12 million viewers.

Congratulations to Koji Uehara who made the transition from Japan and won his first official MLB start.

 The Orioles offense provided two runs in the first inning which helped settle the rookie pitcher who gave up only a run. Nick Markakis went 3-3 with 3 RBI’s and is leading many to believe in the future of the Orioles.

Nick Markakis signed a six year extension in February worth $66.1 million. 

The only bright spot was Derek Jeter’s two-run Home Run in the 9th inning with two outs and nothing to play for. The captain wouldn’t go down without some noise and brought some hope to the fans back in New York. 

Baltimore seeks to sweep the Yankees tomorrow at Camden Yards for the first time since 2005.  

Breaking News: Joba arrested again!

Here’s the police dashboard camera footage…


Check out this great pitcher under the influence of Canadian Whiskey.



APRIL FOOLS! I never got to “punk” anyone this year… so there you go. Eight days late. The truth is that the Nebraska State Police have released the video of his arrest today. Joba Chamberlain actually asked the trooper that was admitting the sobriety test if he had seen a video on the internet where a female cop makes a man recite the alphabets backwards. The video you have just seen is from a comedy show called Reno 911 and Joba thought it was real footage. A Breathalyzer test was done but obviously not needed. Check out the next entry for more information and a link to the actual footage.


Guess what he was drinking?

crown royal.jpg

Drinking and driving is not a laughing matter and the consequences can be deadly. I’m not endorsing this whiskey and you won’t see Joba Chamberlain shooting any commercials for it. He has apologized and regrets the incident which is still affecting him to this day.  

Be Smart. Drive Sober. (Kelly Ripa PDA)

NOTE: This disclaimer has been dedicated to my cousin Sigfredo Trujillo.


Is Joba on the Fast Lane to the Bullpen?

The Joba Chamberlain DUI story might be old news but this time around Yankee fans will find a cause. The October incident that resulted in the arrest of Joba and his guilty plea last week might have other ramifications. No, Joba did not get arrested again but in the courts of public opinion he might as well have. At about midnight or early Wednesday morning I found out that police video from Joba Chamberlain’s DUI arrest was made public and I had to see for myself. What I saw was disappointing and shameful. If Joba thought that his desires of remaining a starter for the entire season was a sure thing he better think again. The excerpts alone if played by the main media will do damage to his boyish image, but the other comments made by him according to the smoking might cause a stir. See for yourself.
joba arrest.jpg

I’m a Yankee fan and the last thing I want to do is make this a Gossip Blog but the story had to be covered for many reasons. Without knowing it Joba has lost leverage over decisions concerning his career as a starter. After New Yorkers get word about the less than flattering comments made about them during that October pullover they no longer will be patient with him. If he starts stumbling out of the gates then an up roar will begin asking for him to walk a straight line to the bullpen.  His first few starts have to be better than the average stuff he showed this spring. If he thought reciting the alphabets was pressure …well he’s in for a rough season. The New York fans will gladly open the door to the bullpen and say please and thank you in the process.

Mundane Opening Day


                                                                                     (1-0)opening day logo.png 

                                                  Monday, April 6, 2009 

                                     New York Yankees at Baltimore Orioles

                                                     Camden Yards   4:05pm

My anticipatory feelings of expectations for the season opener were high before the game and I worried only of the rain. Then when the feelings coincided with the actual event and the outcome was becoming apparent I wanted to hurl. Maybe I should have prayed for rain. Maybe I should have done some silly rain dance that morning to posepone the game.

The Baltimore Orioles opened up the season with a festive celebration which covered the field with all sorts of orange flags and banners much to the delight of the 48,607 fans who attended. They had more reasons to cheer loudly when the orange birds devoured the Yankees 10-5 and perched themselves up in first place if only for a day.The fans were not only there to cheer. The Boo Birds were harboring anger towards Mark Teixeira who’s a native of Maryland and chose the Yankees during the offseason. The boos never died down during his four hitless plate appearances and Teixeira will hear them come Wednesday.



mark teixeira.jpg




 What I am about to say I will get ridiculed for but let me go ahead and say it….This is only the First game of the season and we know the Yankees are a lot better than that performance.

Still the main focus is our Ace and his inability to engage the strike zone with a descent fastball. Sabathia is a power pitcher and his big frame makes that point obvious. The opposing pitcher, Jeremy Guthrie, had been in the Baseball Classic and gave up eight runs in four innings in his last spring training start. If the Yankees were looking for an easy day at the plate they had a great candidate in Guthrie. So let’s not put all the blame on Sabathia. Let’s take a look at his numbers….







cc sabathia.jpgYankees              IP  H  ER  BB  SO  HR   ERA

Sabathia            4.1   8   6     6     0     0     12.46


The bullpen wasn’t that great either with Phil Coke and Brian Bruney giving up four runs in two innings. The Yankees made an attempt at a late comeback with two homers but with that bullpen unable to keep the Orioles at bay it was in vain.

The great thing about baseball is that you can get them back the next day.


NOTE: Todays entrie is dedicated to my first and only reader… Hey! Guillermo…. let’s make some noise!!!

The cards predict the A.L. East to be Wild

The 2009 season has unofficially begun with the Sunday Night Game between the Defending World Series Champs Philadelphia Phillies and the Atlanta Braves. We Yankee fans know all too well that the Bronx Bombers must be on deck before the season is official.

Let’s get some things straight about this BLOG

The news and scores of those teams outside the AL East will rarely make print unless deserving of coverage.  The American League East is home to the Super Powers and all others are stuck in third world countries with limited income and talents. With exception to a few teams and a certain cross town rival that has profited from living near the Great Cathedral and the baseball hungry population that the New York area has produced. Eventually all you have to do is cast a net in the river and pull out a good amount of left over baseball fans that never made it to the turnstiles because they collapsed on their way there.  That is the only reason you might find mention of the New York Mets and the documentation of their third meltdown in as many years. Personally I wish them well and hope to see another Subway Series but it will not happen because they are too busy looking across town at what we are doing.

O.K. I got that off my chest.

Now let’s see what’s next… Oh, let me remind you all or whoever if any are reading this that we need to help out and save our print media. There was an article back in February in TIME magazine by Walter Isaacson that warned of the crisis that major newspapers and magazines were going bankrupt. The reasons were not that we were not reading but that we were reading for free on the internet and why the heck not. When the economy was hot the print media jumped on the internet bandwagon faster than Tampa Ray fans and relied on the income from advertisement on the web. Well we are now in a time where companies are careful with their advertising budgets and the income from subscriptions and newsstands are no longer there because we would rather read for free. Duh. So if you are able to why not subscribe to at least the sports magazines and your favorite hometown newspaper. (If it still exists)

Since we are on the subject of Sports magazines let’s take a look at the predictions and power polls of the ones I have subscribed to out of pity and out of fear of their demise. (Joking…relax) The main reason I’m doing this is to prove my point and to justify why the A.L. East will be the center of the baseball world.

Here they are…

The Sporting News: 1. New York Yankees 2. Boston Red Sox 3.Chicago Cubs   4.Tamba Bay Rays

ESPN: 1. Boston Red Sox 2. Tampa Bay Rays 3. New York Yankees

Sports Illustrated: (no power ranking found) Predicted Records and rankings for                

                                                                             A.L. East 1. Yankees (97-65)

                                                                                            2. Red Sox (96-66)

                                                                                            3. Tampa   (90-72)

I hope reality sets in for the rest of the league and that they quickly accept the dominance that will result when they come east. May we all be witnesses of the warring BIG three that will battle for the division and settle for the wildcard.